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myother-urlsucked asked: Hey I was wondering how well those redwings do in the snow?

I got them towards the end of this past winter, so they haven’t encountered the snow yet. However, the boots are super comfy and with a good, thick pair of socks are warm. On the really wet or deep snow days, I think I’d go with my Bean Boots over the wings, even though they’d probably handle it fine.

All that said, I love the hell out of em and they’re a great rugged boot to beat up. If you’re on the fence, I’d say go for it. Red Wings has some waterproofing boot grease that would take care of the moisture from snow and slush. The company is also really awesome about their warranty. If you don’t like something about them, even if you wear them outside, take them back and they’ll fix the issue. I went through two pairs before I got to the ones I have now. The sizing ran larger than what I’m used to and the boots stretch and shape a bit from wearing. I’d wear them for a week and if they didn’t feel right I’d take them back and try another size.